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TrainHeroic vs. Exercise.com’s All-in-One Fitness Business Software


Manage and Grow Your Fitness Business Better with Exercise.com. Learn more below.

TrainHeroic vs Exercise.com. Choose Exercise.com’s All-in-One Fitness Business Management Software. Review our head-to-head TrainHeroic software comparison and see for yourself. Get a custom web and smartphone app designed for your brand with additional customization available throughout your custom-built software. Grow your business, turn leads into clients, and increase revenue. 

When you own or manage a gym, one of your most vital decisions will be selecting the right management software to suit your particular business. You and the people you train will interact with the software every day. Having the reliable features that you need to do business according to your vision so that you can operate your business smoothly is crucial. The right software choice can help your business soar to new heights; the wrong one can backfire and hold your business back!

With that in mind, this review is going to cover the TrainHeroic software platform and give you a brief overview of their system, review their features, and teach you more about the types of businesses TrainHeroic services.

We’ll also tell you why you should choose Exercise.com over TrainHeroic to manage your business, increase revenue, and engage and retain your clients.

In an industry that is constantly growing, if a business cannot adapt to stay relevant, or at least change its practices to be more industry-ready and user-friendly, that business will not be around for an extended period of time.

That’s why you should choose Exercise.com: we are building a software that adapts for every custom client because it’s customized to their brand, so it sets up their business for future success no matter how the fitness industry shifts.

If you’re ready to grow and manage your business with a software that can be customized to your business, book a demo with Exercise.com.

TrainHeroic Company Overview

TrainHeroic was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

It is a workout design and athlete management platform made primarily for strength and conditioning coaches to create and manage athlete workouts and performance testing. While it is targeted to collegiate and professional sports, the software allows for individual coaching that can be used in personal training scenarios.

TrainHeroic Features vs Exercise.com

Because TrainHeroic was created with a rather narrow niche in mind, its creators failed to build in some of the key features that gyms need.

Though it can compete with Exercise.com in workout creation, the TrainHeroic platform is miles behind when it comes to the all-around tools needed to optimize how your business operates such as payment processing, appointment scheduling, and customization to promote your brand. Exercise.com handles all of those things and more.

Grow and manage your fitness business better with Exercise.com

– Custom-Branded Web and Smartphone Apps

The TrainHeroic app is how clients interact with their coach and log their workouts. It is available through the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android) where it has ratings of 3.6 / 5 and 3.2 / 5 respectively.

A key element TrainHeroic lacks is custom-branding. Many software platforms, even those which fall short of Exercise.com’s customization level, at least offer a simple skin with your logo and an accent color.

TrainHeroic, however, offers no customization of any kind on the browser or smartphone version of the software. Everyone sees the same black and white screen.

Custom-branding is a key feature for businesses as it conveys quality and reinforces the originality of what your business provides. TrainHeroic developers have, perhaps, overlooked this due to their platform’s predominant use in the scholastic athletic setting; schools do not need to promote a brand to their student-athletes who are already committed participants in their program.

The situation is different for you, however, as it is vital that you keep your brand front and center in the competitive fitness marketplace. That’s where Exercise.com comes in:

Our customization capability not only beats TrainHeroic, but every competitor in the market with the most complete custom-branding and development.

Your brand will not only be featured with your logo and custom colors in the app and web platform, but it will also be on display in the App Store and Google Play when clients download it. They won’t just be searching for generic software, they’ll see your brand and your app.

Exercise.com not only changes how your app looks but provides custom development to build in the features and functionality you want to run business your way. Training isn’t one-size-fits-all, why should your software be?

– Workout Creation and Delivery

Building workouts and delivering them to athletes is TrainHeroic’s bread and butter as it is a limited-scope software. For coaches who work with an athletic performance population, one benefit is that along with standard weight-room exercises, the library contains agility drills and mobility series like the well-known Agile 8.

Overall, it is a system that can get the job done when it comes to organizing workouts but coaches will find it has a longer learning curve than competing platforms.

You can build the same workout more efficiently with Exercise.com’s highly intuitive workout creation software. Our platform makes designing workouts simpler by providing exactly what you need with no wasted space on-screen.

Each exercise in the program has a space-saving view which can be expanded, if needed, to provide extra detail like variation between sets and tempo.

Here’s the workout creator from Exercise.com (top) compared to the TrainHeroic interface (bottom):



In addition to Exercise.com’s more efficient interface, the method of delivery trumps TrainHeroic as well; your clients will receive workouts and input results in a professional, custom-branded app that also allows them to leave comments and make on-the-fly adjustments.

– Fitness Business Management

Coaches using TrainHeroic can organize their athletes/clients into teams to assign different programs, another example of the platform’s primary application in athletics. The coach would most likely generate a significantly different training program for their tennis players compared to the wrestling team and this allows for categorization of workouts to match the athletes.

When advertising to personal trainers, TrainHeroic suggests using the team name slot for exercise goal classification like fat loss, bodybuilding, or weightlifting.

For schedule management in TrainHeroic, it’s a tricky yes and no scenario:

When designing a team’s workout program the user would designate what day each workout should be done on a calendar and that is the day it will be accessible by the athlete. However, there is no mechanism for appointment setting or a class schedule in which the coach can reserve times or organize their day. The calendar merely identifies the workout for the day.

This leaves a significant gap for coaches in both the school athletics and private-sector training worlds. The collegiate strength coach, for example, will have no way of tracking what days and times each team needs the weight room and, likewise, the personal trainer in a gym setting can’t set one-on-one appointments or recurring classes without the use of a separate scheduling platform.

To try to make up for this, TrainHeroic offers an integration with the gym management platform Pike13 which can handle facility scheduling. Of course, the drawback to this solution is that it requires subscriptions to two separate software programs to accomplish what you could with a single all-in-one platform.

Exercise.com’s Business Management Software gives you the capability to perform the vital task of scheduling as well as workout delivery. You and your staff will be able to schedule and manage all appointments and classes with options for one-time and recurring reservations.

One of the best features for companies with multiple trainers is the option to set availability. This enables clients to book appointments online through your business’s custom-branded app.

– Performance Assessments

Athletes coached through TrainHeroic will, before each bout of training, be prompted to complete a short questionnaire. The purpose of this mini-assessment is to determine the Readiness Score which is a 1 to 5 value based on how the athlete rates their current mood, energy level, soreness, and the previous night’s sleep.

Like all forms of training data, it’s only valuable if the coach observes it consistently, draws the correct conclusions, and applies it to future training. In this case, it will be the coach’s duty to determine if an athlete has a recurrent issue with sleep or under-recovery which hinders their performance and properly advise them on correcting the problem.

For deeper testing of physical performance, the coach will need to create their own assessment in the form of a custom workout made up of the movements that the coach deems to be the best indicators of progress for the given sport. It’s important to note that TrainHeroic does not automatically save this data even when the athlete inputs results.

Coaches will need to have designated each exercise as a test during the workout creation in order for data to be saved permanently to the athlete’s profile as a record or max.

Coaches using Exercise.com’s Performance Health Assessments are not only improving client’s measurable training outcomes, but they’re also leveraging our software to retain clients and grow their businesses more efficiently.

It starts with creating custom assessments for new client onboarding and basing your training on the actionable data you collect via remote self-assessment or an in-person guided session. With our software, you can even have training programs delivered automatically based on the assessment outcome; a major step in streamlining online training.

Next, follow up with repeat assessments which prove the efficacy of your training and solidify your client relationships. This too can be automated so that you engage clients and gain valuable data to evolve their training with no additional time-cost to you.

Grow and manage your fitness business better with Exercise.com

– E-Commerce / Point of Sale

E-Commerce and billing is another area in which TrainHeroic falls short. In the software, there are no memberships or packages and, thus, nothing to sell.

You would not be able to offer different services or receive payments as a TrainHeroic user without some manual method of payment collection or subscription to another service to fulfill this need. 

Interestingly, users who subscribe under the Pro or Elite tiers (more on pricing below) may offer programs for sale in the Marketplace to independent athletes or other coaches. The most prolific coaches on the platform may be making extra revenue this way but it begs the question: If payments of this sort are supported, why not payments from your own clients?

As an all-in-one solution for your fitness business, Exercise.com’s software provides E-Commerce tools that fit every kind of online and brick-and-mortar fitness business.

You can set up billing for in-person services on a one-time or recurring basis to get paid for your personal training or membership packages. Plus, our platform has been used by top coaches to open up their business for online sales to customers worldwide with online coaching and programs.

Whether you see clients face-to-face or sell programs to remote customers through your custom-branded app, Exercise.com has you covered with a flexible payment platform that easily scales up as your business grows. Some of the country’s top coaches have seen their already successful businesses explode with new growth since partnering with Exercise.com:

Paul Fabritz, PJF Performance

“I sold a workout program and matched my yearly salary of in-person training within two weeks of selling to my community!”

Mike Reinold, Champion Physical Therapy and Performance

“Champion Physical Therapy and Performance created over $4,500 monthly recurring revenue within the first month with Exercise.com.”

– Client Engagement

For communication with clients, TrainHeroic offers in-app messaging which is a standard feature of nearly all online training software.

The one factor which stands out is the ability for athletes on a team to share workout results to a public feed accessible by their team members. The appeal is that athletes can see new records and motivate each other with kudos or trash talk.

On top of direct messaging through your custom-branded app, with Exercise.com you can keep a Leaderboard to track and compare performance among clients as well as run workout challenges which keep your community engaged.

Kellie Davis, the owner of Fit Thrive, uses Exercise.com to expand her reach online and hold the attention of women who take advantage of her online training programs. Here’s what she has to say:

Exercise.com has allowed a lot of flexibility with integration, so I can better connect with my customers. They developed a way to integrate with my CMR so I can send email sequences after purchasing, and they also created an upsell option on the sales page that offers exclusive products to customers.”

Exercise.com has the features you need to engage your clients whether it’s manually with direct messaging or through automated notifications which you can customize to fit your unique brand persona. Use these to automatically send emails, texts, in-app notifications so clients get ongoing support and accountability to stay on track in training.

TrainHeroic Pricing STARTERPROELITEMonthly Price:$45$75$150Annual Price:$540$900$1,800Athlete Limit:25500UnlimitedBest Fit:Personal Training, Online CoachingCrossfit Box, Private GymHigh School and College Athletic Programs

In addition to the important distinction of how many athletes you can serve at each tier, there are some significant changes to what’s included at each level:

Starter – Access for one coach, Training calendar for single athletes

Pro – Access for one coach, Training calendar for teams and single athletes, Digital leaderboard (displays workout results in-gym)

Elite – Access for 4 coaches, Pro features, TrainHeroic’s pre-made training templates for Athletic Development and General Fitness

Additional Competitors

TrainHeroic’s two closest competitors are TrueCoach and TeamBuildr. Both specialize in workout creation but lack the full range of features needed for business operation like payment processing and financial reporting. TrainHeroicPT DistinctionTeamBuildrTrueCoachAnnual Price (based on 50 clients)$900$960$500$1,188Schedule Appointments & ClassesXX✓✓Automatic Payments X✓XXCustomize AppearanceX✓✓✓Plan and Deliver Workouts✓✓✓✓Business Dashboard & ReportsXXXXStaff ManagementXX✓✓

The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons

In this comparison, we’ve seen how TrainHeroic stacks up against our Exercise.com Business Management Software. The bottom line is everything TrainHeroic does well, Exercise.com does even better.

Add to that the extra features our all-in-one software provides and the tough decision on which software to choose for your gym just got easier!

Exercise.com Pros

As a true all-in-one solution, Exercise.com’s software can manage all the needs of your in-person or online training business.

With onboard billing, complete customization, and a scalable E-commerce platform to sell your training and programs online, Exercise.com is not just the software that meets your business needs, it’s the one that unlocks huge potential growth.

– TrainHeroic Cons

With TrainHeroic, what you see is what you get (and what everyone else gets). Without the option for even limited customization, their software just doesn’t measure up to the standard set by cutting edge platforms.

The software can help coaches create and deliver workouts but the benefits basically end there. With no client account management, billing, or scheduling, TrainHeroic falls far short of what gym owners need to optimize their business.

Are you a gym owner or manager looking to level up your business? 

Hopefully, you’ve seen from this comparison how software that is the right fit is key to day-to-day and big-picture success. Exercise.com provides the right fit for every client by customizing the solution to your business needs.

To see how our software can help you, book a demo today.

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