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Are you polite or persistent? (The key? Be both)

Get the Basics…

  1. Which do you lean towards — polite or persistent?

  2. One key to balancing the two in client interactions is to treat everyone like a person

  3. Know your customers and always consider their interests first

What makes a good salesperson? Our CEO took some time in a recent team meeting to review the balance we try to encourage every member of our sales team to maintain.

It’s a balance that takes time to learn and years to master, but it takes only 3 words to sum it up: Polite and Persistent!

First, you’ve got to be polite and enjoyable to talk to or spend time with. No one likes an aggressive sales rep who is clearly only in it for the commission and doesn’t care about the customer’s well-being.

But you can’t just stop there! You’ve got to have a certain tenacity or grit, as Angela Duckworth might say.

You have to be willing to keep coming back and following up — even when it might be uncomfortable… ESPECIALLY when it might be comfortable! Justin Patton, leadership coach, breaks this down in the video below:

Our natural tendency is to let personality or circumstance cause us to gravitate toward one or the other.

The average person today is over-scheduled and bombarded 24/7 with tantalizing offers and advertisements. If you only make an offer one time, never to speak of it again, you’re missing out!

However, if you’re pushy and overbearing, you’re going to turn people off fast.

How can you strike a better balance?

  1. Put the customer’s best interests before your own.

  2. Keep showing up consistently without losing enthusiasm or focus.

  3. ALWAYS treat potential customers like you would want to be treated — like a human being!

Which side do you lean more towards: politeness or persistence?

Do you have any guidelines in place to help you and your sales staff find the right balance?

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New Features

UX Improvements

  1. Updated handling of Stripe billing setup

  2. Added plan search and start date options to “Import Plan to Calendar” menu

  3. Added options when importing videos from YouTube

  4. Optimized Reset Password form requirements

  5. Updated display of weeks in a workout plan

  6. Updated display of Welcome Message for workout plans sold

  7. Updated process for re-sending client invites

  8. Optimized connection to MyFitnessPal

  9. Added options for free signups on white label platforms

  10. Optimized handling of progression percentages in workout plans and workout calendars

  11. Optimized Add Exercise option at the bottom of a block

  12. Updated timing of scheduled workout alert email

  13. Optimized handling of plans imported to calendars

  14. Updated display of client and group workout calendars

  15. Optimized handling of uploaded videos

  16. Optimized handling of muscle groups

  17. Updated handling of deleted workouts

  18. Updated display of workout plans in the apps

  19. Optimized action buttons in the workout plan creator

  20. Optimized handling of alternate exercises

  21. Updated client icons

  22. Updated display of scheduled workouts on Journal views

  23. Added a preview link for welcome and why purchase messages on workout plans

  24. Updated display of tag formatting

  25. Optimized handling of deleted accounts

In Progress

  1. Optimized Exercise Database

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