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5 Yoga Moves for a Flatter Belly

Looking to lose belly fat, crank up that core and reveal a gorgeous, flat tummy? We’re right there with you! Yoga is one of our favorite activities because it helps us unwind and balance our hectic lives, plus it gives us a powerful full-body workout—and some killer core moves to boot! The great thing is, strengthening your core goes way beyond the elusive six-pack. “Because your abdominal muscles support the proper curves of your spine, strengthening your core can can help improve your posture and reduce back pain,” says Jennifer Smith, certified vinyasa instructor in Seattle, Wash. Core strength is important, Smith explains, because “it also helps improve balance and reduce your risk of injury in yoga and your other workouts.”

So let’s get right to it—roll out your mat for Jennifer’s five flat-belly moves you can practice right at home:


Before you start: Come to a comfortable seated position. Bring both hands to your belly, palm over palm, and close your eyes. Take a few breaths here, breathing fully into your lungs and belly. Then take a gentle twist to the right, left hand on right knee, gazing over the right shoulder. Hold for two breaths and repeat on the other side.

MOVE 1: BOAT POSE (NAVASANA) How to do it: From a seated position, bend both knees and place feet flat on the mat in front of you, fingertips to the mat on either side of your hips. Elongate your spine, engage your core and roll your shoulders back to open the chest. Keeping your spine straight, lean back slightly, then lift your feet off the mat, bringing your shins parallel to the mat with bent knees. Focus on your core—is it engaged and stabilizing you from moving backward in this pose? Good. Now extend your arms straight out in front of you, palms facing up. If you need a little more challenge, work on straightening the knees and fully extending the legs, bringing your upper and lower body into a V-shape. Hold for five to 10 breaths.

Bonus burn: Slowly lower your back and your legs to a hover just above the mat, arms up overhead, then come back up to your Navasana pose. Use your core strength to stabilize you and move as slow as possible. Repeat this flow five to 10 times.


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How to do it: Lying flat on your back, bend your knees and bring them into your chest, about hip distance apart. Flex your feet at the ankles. Extend your arms overhead, then engage your core to lift your shoulders off the mat and extend arms up toward the sky, wrists flexed and palms facing the ceiling. As your shoulders and chest lift, align your knees to tuck in to your armpits. Now you’re in Crow Pose, on your back! Your core should be telling you that it’s working here, so if you’re trembling—you’re doing it right. Hold for five to 10 breaths.

Bonus burn: Keeping your core engaged, shoulders and chest lifted off the mat, slowly straighten and lower your legs to six inches above the mat, at the same extend your arms overhead to align with your ears. Hold for three breaths. Using your core muscles, move back into your Sleeping Crow Pose. Repeat this flow five to 10 times.


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Bonus burn: From your full Gate Pose with right leg extended, inhale, circling your left hand up and over to the left, touching down outside of your left knee, as your right hand reaches up and over to the left to stretch the right side body. Exhale, circling both arms back into Gate Pose, contracting your core and right side torso. Repeat this windmill motion of the arms five to 10 times on each side.


yoga plank

Bonus burn: Lift your right toes six inches off the mat, then lower down slowly, tapping your toes on the mat. Repeat 10 times then switch to the left.


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Bonus burn: From Plank Pose on the right side, lift your left leg, toes pointed, then tap left toes to the mat in front of your right foot. Lift through center, then tap left toes behind your right foot. Repeat five to 10 times.


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